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NEW! Before you read on, please see my new page about my house and our future plans. You may be the one who can have our house, here in Houghton Lake, without even taking out a mortgage or giving me any money!

My name is Sherry (although I've been known online as ChiaOwl since 1994 online), and my passions are serving Christ, my family, my pets, vlogging, and music. My favorite things to do are creating great low carb foods for my family and friends, church activities, and playing my keyboards (a Yamaha PSR-9000Pro and a PSR-E413). I'm definitely not a professional, and only play for my own enjoyment, worship, and passion.

My latest interest is vlogging! I have 2 channels: my ChiaChatter vlog where I show and talk about daily life and the things that I do and see and whatever else interests me, and my Cheap Easy Low Carb channel where I share our food budget, grocery shopping tips, cooking videos, meal ideas, and more about the low carb lifestyle which I've lived since April 2004!

(Regretfully I have had to close Itty Bitty Birdie Bites due to health issues, and no longer make or ship any of my products. Please contact me if you have any questions.)

My husband Pete and I live in the lovely town of Houghton Lake, Michigan, with our pets: Pharaoh (minpin) and Curly (chihuahua mix that looks just like a toy Russian terrier); parrots Punkin (peach-faced lovebird), Klinger (cockatiel), Miracle (aka Girlfriend, greencheek conure), Elliot (meyers), Maxwell (red-bellied), Chloe (white-capped pionus), and Phoebe (bronze-winged pionus). We also adopted a long-haired black shelter cat, Sleepee. Daughter Casey and grandson Leelan also figure greatly in our lives!

Husband Pete recently retired, I work seasonally (since 2001) with The Bug Man, a downstate pest control company that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. My job is to answer the phone and schedule appointments, plus I keep their website updated when they need me to. We attend a small church in Roscommon.

I also spend quite a bit of time on my Nissen Fundoplication support group, and have a blog where I detailed my 12/1/10 Nissen Fundoplication surgery, as well as my recovery period and how it has changed/is changing my life.

As my mother's guardian, I've also got a personal interest in Lewy Body Disease, which is often misdiagnosed and mistreated by medical professionals - so many of them consider all dementias to be equal, but many of the standard dementia treatments can harm or even kill an LBD victim. Resources for more information include The Lewy Body Dementia Association and the wonderful support group LBD Caregivers yahoogroup - now on Facebook also. This group has an extensive list of resources for members' use as well as an incredible wealth of experience among the members.

And just some words for the search engines: I attended Siena Heights College (now University), graduating with my BA in music in 1980. Prior to that I spent a year growing up at Schoolcraft College after graduating from the now-defunct Garden City West High School in 1975.

I'm also active on a few other social networks as time allows, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And you can also find me on Skype as Sherry48629.

Whether you're here by accident or out of curiosity, thanks for stopping by!

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